This is a democracy; we get the government we deserve

In my younger, more mentally virile days I could have written a very, or at least somewhat, sophisticated allegory using President Obama to represent all the various recent abuses of local-government transparency as opposed to open records laws written and intended.

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Christians remember: WWJVF – Who would Jesus vote for?

If anything I say here offends you, I wasn’t trying to. There are two things you don’t talk about over dinner, but if that extended to newspaper columns, I wouldn’t have much to write. Religion and politics offend easily, and taken together the problem is even worse. Actually, this is my point, that under no circumstances should we put either at risk by mixing them.

Read no more than that, and you’ve read enough.

In 2004 I saw bumper stickers around town that read, “Christians remember November.” And this agitated me to no end.

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