There’s still plenty of summer left, don’t worry

Today is unofficially the end of summer, although really Saturday was because, well, there’s no time left to recover from anything you could do in the time you’ve got left.

For several thousand kids and teachers It Begins, and the marathon of the school year that seems like it just ended the other day starts up again, ready or not. The butterflies are already colonizing your stomach at the thought.

But it’s OK. Labor Day is just around the corner, and the weekends come remarkably fast when you aren’t looking for them, quick as the boiling of an unwatched pot.

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Sure it’s unbearable, but it’s a dry heat

The summer season is fast approaching, if it isn’t here already. By my reckoning, it is summer because there are far more summer days in the week than winter ones, and very soon the winter echoes will disappear for near a year. (Good riddance.)

Ah well. I love the summer season. Spring is by far my least favorite, and if I can, I skip over it. A poor man’s summer with more dust and allergies. (Achoo.)

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