Like elections, the world is crazy and uncertain

The other day Gov. Rick Perry announced he was dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination for president, and made official what had been obvious before: I am not paid for my political prognostications.

“Look, unless Perry gets caught with a dead girl or live boy, he’s got the Republican nomination wrapped up. At this point, he could probably survive having to deny he has carnal knowledge of his pet sow,” some darn fool wrote back in September.

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Ron Paul lost the 2008 nomination for your sins

Last week, President Barack Obama scheduled a speech before a joint session of Congress on a new jobs plan (I guess because there aren’t any more new jobs anywhere), and it happened to coincide with the next GOP debate.

When Speaker of the House John Boehner told him that wouldn’t work out, Obama said, “Oh, that’s fine, we can do it the next day,” which in both the attempt and subsequent acquiescence sort of tells you everything you need to know about how this presidency is going. Now Obama gets to speak opposite Green Bay and New Orleans in the NFL opener instead of a collection of cheeseheads and nominal saints.

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