50 Shades of Week: Jan. 29- Feb. 4, 2017

‘The feeling of intense joy at sacrifice & action, that you can be a part of shoving the fulcrum of history toward its natural conclusion gives way to a realization that it’s a pendulum swinging back, and no matter how much you put your shoulder into it, you’re too small against this bigger thing. You & everyone you know & care for are too small for this thing.’

  1. I raise my eyebrows.
  2. It’s almost embarrassing to witness.
  3. ‘You’re tired.’
  4. ‘Did you get me tipsy on purpose?’
  5. Pilot?
  6. ‘And please, let’s try it for three months.’
  7. I feel unbearably shy when I open the door.

Conversing with brave devil’s advocates in defense of creepy guys

Two comments threads in response to the above image on Faceyspace.

Not trying to be a jerk, honest. But if you think a guy can date a guy, a girl can date a girl, a guy can say he’s a girl and date a guy or girl. Then why is age gap bad?

Up to a certain age, everyone is the equivalent of falling-down drunk in their decision-making.

Now, some people can hold their liquor better than others. And some people, even blitzed, might not think unkindly on their drunken hookup when sobered up.

Yet: This is in no way a justification for sober people trying to have sexual involvement with drunk people.

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It’s times like these I wish I were in a band

The other day I was talking to a prospective woman, having a conversation that was potentially portentous.

As a single man, 95 percent of conversations are just conversations. You’re either talking to someone with a utilitarian purpose (“So vehicle 1 was a southbound Ford pickup?”) or with no purpose at all (“I really like the new ‘tails’ design on the penny. It’s classy.”)

But the other 5 percent, those are the ones where a single woman weighs whether you’re worth continuing to talk to, and potentially dating.

One must tread carefully in these conversations.

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