Just what is wrong with District 5?

Now, I ought to start out by saying I am not looking to pick a fight with several thousand people in western Odessa, or one woman in particular: Sandra Carrasco. She seems like a lovely person, and the residents of District 5 (generally all lovely people, too, I’m sure) will no doubt be lucky to have her as soon as she’s sworn in and starts to represent them.

I just want to make that clear.

Because in the past few years, there have been two tragic deaths by sitting councilmen in that district, and both times, only one person ended up wanting the job. There is something monumentally troubling about this.

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This is a democracy; we get the government we deserve

In my younger, more mentally virile days I could have written a very, or at least somewhat, sophisticated allegory using President Obama to represent all the various recent abuses of local-government transparency as opposed to open records laws written and intended.

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Speak up! When you ought to be talking, make yourself heard

I don’t know if you noticed (or remember), but the other day the OA published its weekly poll on the subject of offshore oil drilling. Something like 87 percent of our respondents were in favor of doing it while just 13 percent were against. Not a surprising result for this area, really.

When you looked to the bottom of the page, though, all three of the comments we printed were opposed to drilling.

From appearances it would seem the Odessa American, or at least whoever was responsible for that page, was so biased that they hand-picked only the comments in line with their thinking and ignored the rest.

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