50 Shades of Week: Jan. 8-14, 2017

‘The internal creation of meaning allows its discovery even in places that don’t seem initially to warrant it.’

  1. ‘Anastasia,’ he warns, and I want to roll my eyes but quickly stop myself.
  2. ‘The NDA has been e-mailed to you, Mr. Grey.’
  3. ‘Come.’
  4. ‘The NDA, does it cover everything?’ I ask tentatively.
  5. The day drags at Clayton’s even though we’re busy.
  6. I scowl at her but can’t keep a straight face.
  7. ‘I have one condition.’

Anything you’re used to is reality

There once was a man who dreamed he was a butterfly, and woke up wondering how he could know he wasn’t a butterfly dreaming he was man.

The 4th century B.C. Chinese philosopher credited with that, Zhuangzi, isn’t asking a real question, just something about the nature of knowledge. But, it’s something we’re all familiar with, waking to an intense feeling that evaporates under the rays of the sun.

Last week I spent more hours unconscious than conscious, I think literally.

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