Football is a numbers game, and not just because of gambling

The other day the New York Giants and New England Patriots won their respective NFL conferences, leading to a vague and simultaneous sense of déjà vu and malaise for the majority of the country outside of the Northeast.

Actually, most of the Boston area is probably feeling that, too, because they still have the sting of the Super Bowl following the 2007 season when the Patriots started with 18 consecutive wins only to finish with one Giant loss. Continue reading “Football is a numbers game, and not just because of gambling”

Elitism isn’t a good thing — it’s the best thing

When I was in elementary, people would sometimes ask me who my favorite football team was, and I’d say, “The Panthers.”

Then they’d say, “No, no, no. We mean the NFL, not high school.”

“I know,” I’d say. “I’m a fan of the Carolina Panthers.”

Then they’d laugh and make fun of me. (“They” are quite unkind, as Edward Lear well knew.)

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I couldn’t decide what to do a column about this week

I sort of thought about doing something about the Super Bowl, but it’s now four days past, so the relevancy of the moment has escaped. Unfortunately, I don’t have aphorisms or anecdotes to illustrate that point. Erm, seize the day and make flee the sun. Or something. (I’m sorry.)

In any case, I’m entirely too happy about the outcome of the game: that the Pittsburgh Steelers lost and Green Bay Packers won, in that order.

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