‘Seveneves’ by Neal Stephenson is two-thirds of a really good book

The other day I finished the latest Neal Stephenson novel Seveneves, and the amazing thing about it is how consistent he is with everything he writes, at least that I’ve read.

Maybe 15 years ago I read Snow Crash, and my impression with that book have been the same as The Diamond Age, which is still my favorite thing he’s done, as well as Cryptonomicon, Anathem, and now Seveneves. Stephenson is a really good writer and researcher. He takes ideas from all kinds of disparate areas and puts them together in a way that is easily understandable and doesn’t feel slapped together, even if paragraphs or pages of info will be dumped on you throughout. The plot is going to get going quickly and give you a reason to keep turning pages to find out the next thing that’s going to happen, but ultimately, it won’t culminate so much as have a bunch of stuff just happen all at once.

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