Freedom isn’t free

The other day word came out that Freedom Communications had sold the Odessa American and several other publications in South Texas to the newly formed media group AIM Media Texas.

To be honest, for people in the middle of it, it wasn’t especially surprising as we watched all the television stations go, or this newspaper go, or that group of newspapers get sold off. It was just something happening and soon enough would happen to us and the sooner the better, so we wouldn’t have to keep wondering about it. You hope it turns out good, but you haven’t got any control over it, so what to worry about?

One of the reporters brought up the point that the worst part for most of us on ground level is just not getting to make ironic jokes anymore.

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It’s a good day to be man born of woman

The other day, my mom and I went to see “Wrath of the Titans” at the theater. My mother is an elementary GT teacher with Ector County ISD and one of the things they’re studying now is Greek culture and mythology.

Some of her students had seen it already and told her that the movie gets the myths “wrong,” and she generously told them that there’s many different versions of myths so it’s difficult to call any interpretation wrong, but of course after watching the movie, I felt her students bright and justified in their assessment.

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