It’s times like these I wish I were in a band

The other day I was talking to a prospective woman, having a conversation that was potentially portentous.

As a single man, 95 percent of conversations are just conversations. You’re either talking to someone with a utilitarian purpose (“So vehicle 1 was a southbound Ford pickup?”) or with no purpose at all (“I really like the new ‘tails’ design on the penny. It’s classy.”)

But the other 5 percent, those are the ones where a single woman weighs whether you’re worth continuing to talk to, and potentially dating.

One must tread carefully in these conversations.

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It needs to be okay again to like liking things

The other day I was out with some friends enjoying good conversation at a laid-back bar that provided some very competitive drink specials.

To give you the sort of scene, one of the people criticized Jack Kerouac and I told him to finish his whiskey and step outside, and when he said Allen Ginsberg was a hack, his girlfriend almost slapped him.

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