It’s nice that some things fail and can’t be fixed

The other day I finally lost my front license plate for good.

I know, I thought it was tragic, too.

It had been hanging on very bravely for about a year and a half after surviving an intimate, low-speed interaction with the end of a guardrail in October 2010. (I was dodging a house on a two-lane highway; it’s not really important.)

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Romans 13:1 is terribly difficult teaching to accept

The other day, I got into my head that this week, I’d write a column about the new federal health care guidelines that would require employers to cover birth control without any extra fees as part of plans.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops had a problem with this and said it was an infringement of their religious freedoms, and then it became a great big huge national issue you’ve probably heard at least a little something about.

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Football is a numbers game, and not just because of gambling

The other day the New York Giants and New England Patriots won their respective NFL conferences, leading to a vague and simultaneous sense of déjà vu and malaise for the majority of the country outside of the Northeast.

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