‘My allergies are killing me,’ said the coyote to his wife

The other day I saw a coyote in the street in the middle of the night, and ever since I’ve been trying to figure out what it meant.

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Zatoichi is the blind swordsman from Japanese films

They say Justice is blind, but if that’s the truth, perhaps some of her other senses have become heightened to compensate.

In the case of former Winkler County Sheriff Robert Roberts, Justice has thus far demonstrated a degree of balance Zatoichi would envy, although we call it karma or maybe a cosmic poetry.

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Because we like the appearance but want to stay comfortable

The other day I was shopping for some new clothes, which is rare.

I’m basically the same size I was as a high school freshman, which in some ways is good because my midsection remains in agreeable proportion to my shoulders, and also because I can still wear my junior high standard attire when I go to work.

But, things do have a way of getting spilt on and threadbared, and it seems that when you go shop to find the first thing that fits and then leave, it often doesn’t fit very well later, and you subsequently don’t much enjoy wearing it, and put it off putting it on until you have a closet hanging only with all the itchy, baggy pants you hate. But they’re all that’s left and the stuff on the floor is too dirty to get by with.


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One day, someone will write a book about all of this

When Larry Neil White died at age 62, it hardly came as a surprise.

It was inevitable he would die, since birth at least. Since March, it was inevitable he would die without going to trial for the deaths of Abel Marquez, Arlie Jones Jr. and Scott Gardner, the three police officers he shot outside his home for no good reason anyone will ever be able to discern, or a jury of his peers will be able to evaluate.

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